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WHY Rush Phi Psi? Those of us who have joined Phi Psi have chosen to do so because we realized the opportunity the chapter afforded us: the chance to be immersed in an environment which provides the best opportunity of attaining our individual goals.

We truly believe that we can push you to exceed in all facets of life, while you grow into a well balanced man of honor, integrity, and value. Phi Kappa Psi is a well-rounded house that has a huge diversity of active members who can help you grow in every way. The fraternity experience is a great opportunity during college, and we'd like you to see what our chapter can offer you. Hope to see you soon!


Jake Richardson


Jake is a current sophomore planning to study either business finance or economics. In the past he has been the house’s IMA chair, leading us to the playoffs each year. He’s originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, and would consider himself an avid explorer of restoration hardware.

Phone (feel free to text): 602-885-5938


Jacob Gifford


Jacob is a sophomore studying marketing. His hobbies include sports and making music (check out his song with Rico), and he one day hopes to make a commercial for Audi.

Phone (feel free to text): 509-216-2926

Rico Perez


Rico is a current junior planning on majoring in public health. If he’s not busy making plays in fortnite, he’s in the studio cooking up another fire song. Originally from Houston, Texas, Rico brings a fun and unique vibe to the house and loves getting lit.

Phone (feel free to text): 832-276-0782